Hi I’m Raphael Santos and I’m 10 years old, I love soccer and have been playing soccer for 5 years now. Soccer is in my blood, my family is from Brazil and we have been playing soccer for years. My dad plays it, my grandfathers played it and their fathers before them. 

I love how this game is unique in the way it’s played, there are so many skills that can be done and the fact that it’s a sport played with your feet mostly brings a great challenge I enjoy conquering. I first started playing soccer because of my dad, he loves the sport and has been playing since a little kid and it’s something we bond over. I like other things other than soccer though, I play video games and love subjects in school such as math and science. 

I'm excited to go to portugal because they have incredible teams like Real Madrid and being in the same country playing the same sport is a chance of a lifetime, who knows maybe I could meet one of the players! Going to Portugal is also going to be a change of scenery and could prove to be a challenge which I’m looking forward to. Here in Connecticut ACC is undefeated and we want a challenge!

Raphael Santos

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