Gabriel is 9 year old. He has  Brazilian and Portuguese back ground. He was  born in Danbury but their mother is from Valadares Brazil and their father is from north of Portugal. Gabriel has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. “Many times, we play 3 or 4 Games per day. We go to different places to play soccer.


My father helps to organize lots of games so we play a lot of soccer. My favorite position is play as defender. I also like to play as goalie. I like to be outside I like the Summer time better.

My father did build a small turf field in the basement so we can  practice more”. says Gabriel. 
“We like to visit Portugal because we have cousins there and we love to go on vacation. Also, we are looking to play with good teams like younger players that play for Benfica and other top clubs”


Gabriel Marcal

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